W:DH Week 3 — Out of the Sewers

The alarm had been raised.  We scrambled to find the correct path.  Enemy reinforcements must surely be mere moments away.  Suddenly, Jumanji called out that he had discovered a hidden door in the wall of the sewers.  His ability to uncover these doors is truly uncanny!  He and Yagra took the lead as we followed the passage behind the door.  We did little investigation of the rooms as we passed.  Speed seemed to be the wisest option. 

As we turned a corner, we came face to face with a human and a grey skinned dwarf.  They were waiting for us and immediately attacked.  Yagra angrily engaged the human, and it was at that point that I recognized him.  This was Krentz, who had attacked Yagra in the Yawning Portal.  We all focused our efforts on him until he was slain.  I thought that surely the lone remaining dwarf would be no trouble for our group.  We looked on in horror as he suddenly grew to double his size!  We acted swiftly to bring the monster down before it could inflict much damage with his massive axe.

The next room contained a grey ooze.  I’ve heard of these things, but I always doubted that a creature constructed of ooze could actually pose a threat.  How wrong I was.  The thing could damage our weapons and armor.  It could form pseudo-pod fists that inflicted massive damage.  We bested it, but not before Shava had a brush with death.

As we regrouped, Shava scouted ahead.  When she didn’t return, we followed.  In the next section of rooms, we saw an orc standing over a human that looked to have been tortured.  We saw a floating creature with tentacles on its face set down what looked like a dog-sized monster that consisted of a brain with four clawed legs.  The floating creature retreated while the brain creature and the orc attacked.  Yagra rushed to engage the orc.  The brain creature let out a pulse that rendered Boaz seemingly catatonic.  We rushed to kill the thing before more of us fell prey to its horrifying attack.  When we finally killed it, the orc decided to run.  Yagra was not willing to let it live, and gave chase. 

We discovered that the tortured human on the ground was Floon.  He was severely injured, but alive.  Shava told us that the floating creature that had initially retreated was likely a mind flayer.  Before it departed, it had berated the orc saying, “You fool, we’ve wasted all this time, and we’ve learned nothing.  Finish these intruders and prove your mettle to the Xanathar.”  As we departed the area, Shava also noticed a three foot high pillar with a circle and ten spokes carved in its top.  We later learned this to be the symbol of the Xanathar.

As we departed the sewers, Shava placed a disguise on Floon for his safety.  She then took Boaz to my temple to receive healing.  Perhaps it was better for her to take him than to bring him myself.  He will receive excellent treatment either way.  We took Floon to the Yawning Portal to reunite with Volo.  Even though we smelled like the sewers, we were greeted as heroes.  Yagra had yet to return, but I feel confident that she will return safely – probably with a trophy from a slain orc.  Ranaer was still in Volo’s chambers as we recounted our efforts.  When the subject of payment was raised, Volo suggested an alternative to the promised gold.  He gave us the deed to a property called Trollskull Manor.  I was hesitant to accept, but the rest of the group seemed amenable to the deal, so it was done.  Ranaer mentioned that he would be willing to use his connections to help us with the fees associated with our new manor.

Owning property in Waterdeep can be lucrative, but with a name like Trollskull, I have my doubts.