TSM Detail: The Militia Watchtower

This structure, known simply as “The Watchtower” by locals, is one of the ten buildings circling the great pond and fountain in Rankford Mitte.  It sits between the Temple of Gond and XXX.  The Watchtower is a three-storey building, made of dense stone cut by Silas Stonebreaker himself.

The roof of the tower is crenelated and features a trapdoor leading to the 3rd floor, where the militiamen reside.  The second floor holds the Sheriff’s chambers plus some storage.  On the ground floor is the front desk area and the Sheriff’s office.

The basement is made up of two storage areas and the 2-cell gaol.  The gaol features a bunkbed made of stone from the excavation of the tower.  Three stone walls and an iron barred wall with a single, narrow bar door form the gaol.  At least one rathole exists, gnawed low on the northern wall.

A secret trap door is concealed under the bunkbed, which is actually mounted or a sort of subterranean lazy suzan, with a brake that can be unlocked via a secret lever concealed as a stone.

The keys are normally kept with the Sheriff.

Under the trap door is a crude wooden ladder that leads to an open room where tools of the thievery and burglary trade are set up in essentially a classroom. The sole doorway, locked from the inside, leads to an expanded ankheg tunnel.

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