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    Paul G.

      Last week, the investigation closed in on Walter aka “Shaggy.” The militia discovered a note in the kids playhouse at the Collective — a location apparently constructed from the remnants of the Taledo’s missing ferry. The note, supposedly from a mysterious “Lord Segur” instructed Walter to steal, disassemble and stash the ferry. Then to use the supplied madwillow to make the Taledo’s addled, and then to sabotage the loading arm, blaming that action and the missing ferry on the Taledo’s drug-induced state.
      Arriving back in town, just in time for the hearing of Garl Morningmoon, a dwarven sawyer who killed the local Skank Gleamsilver. The hearing was conducted by the regional Warden, Eeger as the town Sheriff, and by a previously unknown entity, the Druid of the Wood Ruddiger. Garl was convicted of manslaughter and forced to give up a year’s salary and to work at the Watchtower.
      Walter, who had unexpectedly surrendered himself at the Watchtower, after supposedly having gathered his backpack and giving every indication of leaving town, was brought before this tribunal and rapidly sentenced to death, a conviction immediately carried out by Ruddiger. The Druid then rapidly and with great flair departed astride a great pegasus.
      Lieber Longshanks had also indicated that his preparations were all but completed on the “Ankheg Whisperer” device the militia had requested of him.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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