TSM Update: Hope You Guess My Name

… our heroes faced the necromancer Eyebite and his master, Lord Segur. Eyebite immediately began to animate the skeletal and rotting remains of the many corpses piled near the great doors of the Vault. Segur reached out and magically drew the Warden’s Key from Tia and used it to open the doors.
A great battle then began, with a score of zombies, including some reanimated ogres advancing towards the heroes and holding them in place while Segur made for the great Throne.
The militiamen first targeted Segur, then as he passed out of sight, they moved to focusing on Eyebite. For some reason Uddar and his team held back.
In the mean time, Tovlakov used his superior speed to rush around the growing wall of undead, and to zoom past Eyebite in pursuit of Segur.
The militiamen had their hands full trying to fight their way through the zombies and skeletons. They sought to move past the front ranks of relatively small fry to get to Eyebite. The greater zombies, however, were able to hold the heroes at bay for a while. Eventually, Eyebite, who during this time was a target of repeated attacks seemed to draw sustenance from his undead such that the bolus of damage he took seemed to have little impact.
The heroes’ continued threat, however, did drive Eyebite back and through the great doors. The militiamen followed.
Tovlakov had continued to pursue Segur, despite his significant head start. It soon became clear that Segur could not outrun Tovlakov down this massive hallway with a long strip of red carpet stretching toward an enormous stone throne.
Segur warned Tovlakov not to try to reach the throne. “I don’t have any reason to want you dead,” he said, hinting at some unidentified threat. Segur then met Tovlakov and attacked him with a vicious concealed knife. The two fought, one-on-one. Tovlakov, though, had been worn down in his many travails since falling from the great bridge, and was dispatched by the Count. Segur then set out once again for the throne.
Only the speedy Alamein could stop him. The centaur rushed forward and confronted Segur. The two fought, and once again Segur came out on top. He closed the distance to the great Throne and perched upon it.
All seemed lost. Then Segur seemed to fumble about for something, tapping around on the Throne as if he might have lost something. With no warning, the great dark head of a massive, ancient dragon descended from the depths of the ceiling and snatched up Segur, swallowing him in one bite.
Eyebite disapparated.
After a moment, the great dragon descended on the throne, perched atop it, far too large to be seated. The great wyrm then transformed into a Giant-sized dwarf in armor, with a glistening crown at his brow.
This was the King of Old. This entire dwarven complex had been ruled by a dragon, those many generations ago.
The King, after introductions, indicated that he might wish to rebuild the long-lost relationship between the Dwarven stronghold and Rankford. He asked that the heroes help by freeing the Dwarven slaves still held inside the mine.
Throm indicated that he knew where Zanzibar and his forces kept the slaves. The heroes agreed to free the slaves, to defeat Zanzibar.
The ancient prisoner, who Dain now realized was a physical manifestation of his deity Ilmater, had one final discussion with his cleric, and disappeared.

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