W:DH Week 6 – Of course, of course.

Shava, Tobby, and Jumanji just returned safely from the Zhent warehouse.  They brought back a wealth of silver bars! Tymora is with us.

I decided to have a chat with the spirit inhabiting our manor.  I borrowed some ball-bearings from Tobby and set up in the library.  I explained to the ghost that our intention is to restore the manor to its previous glory.  I guessed that the cellar door constantly slamming shut was a sign of anger or frustration from the ghost, so I vowed not to enter the cellar unless absolutely necessary until it lets me know I am welcome there.  I shared some wine, and began looking for a journal or history book in the library to help our restoration efforts.  A book soon dropped to the floor, but it turned out to be elven book detailing wineries.  I began to read it, and the ball bearings moved to spell out three letters, “LIF.”  Perhaps this is a reference to the ghost’s name, or it may be a clue as to what I am to find in this book.  I shall have to study it to find out.

Jumanji called out that another paper bird had just hit him in the head.  A message from Mirt, no doubt.  It gave us the name of a stable – Estadio.  It was just the lead we needed to get started in our investigation.  We all made our way to the stable and began our work.  Tobby snuck in to try and find any sign of Maxine, while the rest of us asked questions of the stable hands.  Boaz was particularly quick on his feet here.  When the employee helping us left momentarily, Shava disguised herself as a stable hand and entered the offices looking for information.  A short time later, an alarm bell sounded and virtually all of the workers poured out of the stable in pursuit of someone.  Jumanji figured that it must be Shava they we chasing.  I agreed, and we joined the pursuit.  Boaz stayed behind to calm the horses and watch for clues.  After fleeing for a time, Shava found an opportune moment to drop her disguise and feign ignorance.  The stable hands bought her story and continued their efforts to capture the fleeing criminal.  While chaos was taking over in the front of the stables, Tobby found Maxine in the back.  They slipped out and made their way to our tower.

After the events at the stable, I decided to make my way back to the tower.  I wanted to read more of the book I had started earlier.  Jumanji went to the Yawning Portal to have his meeting with Yagra.  Boaz and Shava accompanied him.  Once there, Yagra introduced them to a sun elf named Davil Starsong.  He was impressed with Jumanji, and offered him a task to perform for possible entry into their organization.  They want him to investigate murders of elf and half-elf sailors at the docks.  They also revealed that they are members of the Zhentarum.  I must admit, my feelings about the Zhents are fairly strong, but I know that Yagra is a good person.  Her membership in their ranks does give me doubts as to those feelings.

At our manor, Tobby had a chance to ask Maxine some questions.  She indicated that she didn’t know what ultimately happened to Anxer.  He went into a bar and never came out.  The last day she was with him, Anxer picked up a sun elf and his half-orc bodyguard on their way to the Yawning Portal.  It seems likely that they are the same individuals Jumanji had just met with.  During their cab ride, they discussed hiring spies to root out Xanathar operatives.

A Waterdavian guild representative came to our manor to establish a relationship with us.  His name is Hammond Kraddoc, and he is a member of the guild of Vintners, Distillers, and Brewers.  It seems as if we will need to use the services of this guild when we are ready to open the manor for business again.  We will have to ask Ranaer for advice when dealing with these guilds.

Tobby left to secure forged papers indicating ownership of Maxine so we can return her to service.

Jumanji and Shava went to talk to Mirt at the Bloody Fist.  He was very pleased with the results of our efforts.  He was especially happy that we had already started moving to get Maxine back into position to resume her work.  He offered us another task.  A bookseller named Uza Solizeph claims to have a monster trapped in her shop.  We can find her at Felzoun’s Folly for more information.

Work with the Harpers or the Zhentarum –  It’s an easy choice for me, but we each must make these decisions for ourselves. Tymora watch over us.

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