W:DH Week 17 – Elementary, my dear Watson.

We needed to figure out exactly what happened to Jumanji’s guest, Istrid.  We combined our efforts and came up with a few leads that may bear fruit.  It seems that she is missing a necklace that she was previously wearing.  We spoke with some people outside that saw a large humanoid on our roof last night.  Inspecting the area, we found large footprints in the snow on our roof, as well as the sides of our house.  The murderer could walk on walls, apparently.  Given the information about the intruder’s size, we realized that the hand marks on Istrid’s neck were much larger than any of ours.  It all fit together, but we still need to find out who this person is, why he killed the girl, and why he took her necklace.  We were going to need some help.

We decided to pay for the services of our neighbor, Trench.  We spoke with him and told him about the intrusion, but left out any mention of the murder.  He agreed to help and spent some time inspecting our roof.  Hopefully he can help us fill in some of the missing pieces

Boaz made his way to the Pink Flumph and convinced a fellow bard to teach him the Dwarven song required to open the Neverember vault.  It sounds as if she will be coming to our manor to work with him.

I decided to stop by our cab driver’s place to check in with Maxine.  She seems to be happy with her current arrangement.  She only had one report for me.  She mentioned  a group of three people who seemed to be acting drunk as they were being picked up by the cab.  During the ride, they seemed completely sober. When they left the cab to enter a second establishment, they had somehow changed their appearances.  Could these people be the shape-changers seeking entry into the Harpers?  We might want to check them out.  I got the names of both establishments they had visited from Maxine.  At least it might be a place to start.

Shava seems like she might be having some trouble communicating with the Stone.  I think what I am sensing is probably frustration.  It sounded as if she was finally able to verify the keys needed to enter the vault.  She also learned the name of the dragon guarding it – Aurinax.

Tobby and I stopped by the Bloody Fist to invite Mirt to our grand opening.  He didn’t seem very excited about our tavern, but I think he may show up.  It really was more about extending the invitation anyway.  We mentioned the shape-changers, and Mirt confirmed that it was likely the group we had been asked to investigate.  He seemed unhappy that we had yet to look into this matter.  I’d like to take care of this, if only we could stop producing corpses at our manor…  Mirt also suggested that we keep an eye on the performers that were hired to put on a show in front of our manor.  He mentioned that they were members of the Bregan D’aerthe.  This is just great.  We were warned not to work with that group, and now we appear to be paying them to come directly to our home.  What could possibly go wrong with this arrangement?

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