W:DH Week 19 – Who you gonna call?

We continued our talk with Renaer and Durnan.  Our discussion moved to Manshoon’s assumed murder of Istrid.  Going over the details, we described what we could remember of her now missing necklace.  Durnan identified the icon on it as a symbol of Asmodeus.  This doesn’t clarify why Manshoon took the necklace, but we should keep it in mind as we proceed.

Back at the manor, we had a discussion about the Stone.  We need to get some outside help to proceed, but the decision of what group to use is one we must all agree on.  We took a vote, and while I voted to ally with the Harpers, the majority of the group would like to ask Force Grey for help.  If they are willing to help, they certainly should have the resources we may need.

Shava and Tobby went to Trench’s place of business to discuss his investigation.  He concluded that the break-in was made by Manshoon.  It seems that there may be several version of the man, but our version is most likely in a ghost-like semi-physical form.  Trench has a special solution that will destroy the creature if it is sprinkled over its entombed corpse.  He even knows where the corpse is laid to rest!

We met Trench in the city of the dead an hour before dawn.  He would lead us to a mausoleum where Manshoon’s body resides.  When we arrived at our destination, we realized that we had been inside it before.  We had entered it when we were pursuing Urstul Floxin.  As we entered, Trench changed shape into a tiger-like creature.  Apparently, our friend is a Rakshasa!  We made our way to a locked door, which Jumanji forced open.  We found a sarcophagus, and opened it hoping to find Manshoon’s body.  A ghost-like creature emerged and attacked us, but we were able to destroy it without too much trouble.

When it seemed we had investigated the whole mausoleum without finding Manshoon’s body, Trench noticed an illusory wall.  He went thru it and opened a door on the other side, causing the illusion to fade.  A hallway lead to an open chamber where we were once again set upon by an undead spirit.  Her presence was terrifying at times, and few of us were able to face her without a terrible sense of fear clawing at the back of our minds.  I will admit, that I fell prey to this fear, and when I recovered, the spirit had vanished.  Then Tobby suddenly attacked Shava!  Shava collapsed, and Trench responded by attacking Tobby.  As Tobby fell, the ghost emerged from his body. We finally killed the spirit, but our resources are running low, and time is not on our side. We must hurry!

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