W:DH Week 20 – Gaining momentum

We continued searching the depths of the mausoleum for Manshoon’s body.  We came across a room with a small child singing nursery rhymes.  It became clear that this was no ordinary child.  Boaz joined the creature in its singing which allowed us to pass.  We learned that the child’s name is Asvoldo Casselanter.  Trench identified its true form to be that of a chain devil.

Beyond this room we found a large open space with a sleeping green dragon at the center.  There was an alcove on the far side with a sarcophagus in it.  Tobby deftly snuck by the sleeping beast and pried open the lid of the coffin just enough to sprinkle Trench’s solution over the body inside.  The entire room immediately began to shake.  As the ceiling and walls began to crumble, Tobby sprinted back towards us.  The dragon lashed out as it was being crushed and Tobby’s unconscious form tumbled to rest at our feet.  A quick healing spell got him back up, and we ran for the nearest exit.  The entire area was now collapsing!  As we escaped, we could now see the mausoleum had sunk quite a bit into its foundations.

Back at our manor, Shava tried once more to speak with the Stone.  We think that we were able to transcribe the rhyme it relayed.  It said:    

In the depths of ancient folk
Only the child of Moradin will get the joke
It is only true
When the bill comes due
What was done by the father
Must be answered by the son

We decided to attempt contact with Force Grey, and so contacted Barnabus as an intermediary.  He made several things clear to us.  Vajra would not be speaking with us.  We could also now be in trouble with the watch unless we handled the situation well.  It seems we will get some help, but our schedule has been accelerated.  We will be approaching the vault much sooner than we might like.  We scrambled to make our final preparations.  Boaz went to ask his singing instructor to accompany us, as having a Dwarf present seems wise.  Shava and I departed to ask Renaer if he would accompany us, as the rhyme makes mention of the son answering for something.  We can only assume this is referring to him

Now if we could only figure out where we are going to get a severed drow hand and a beholder…

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