W:DH Week 22 – Knock, knock…

The bugbears streamed out of the open doorways and we met them with steel and spell.  As the battle ensued, I spotted an intellect devourer approaching.  I began to call out, but a searing pain in my skull silenced all thought

When I regained my senses, I found that we had won the fight.  Along with the bugbears and intellect devourer, a lone Gazer arrived with warnings about crossing the Xanathar.  It died as readily as the rest.  My fellows had searched the contents of the adjoining rooms and found a potion that restored my faculties.

As we continued to search for the vault, the Stone led us to a blank wall.  Losser found a secret door embedded in the wall, and we proceeded thru it.  At the end of the hallway beyond, was a door with a lock that looked quite secure – even to my untrained eyes.  Tobby spent just a minute with the lock, and it sprang open.  After we all entered the following room, Tobby closed and re-locked the door behind us.  The room beyond was oddly shaped with many pillars featuring dwarven carvings.  It was a truly impressive sight.  As we approached the front of the room, the Stone again led us to what looked like a dead end.  Losser again found a secret door, allowing us to proceed.  As we moved down a very long set of stairs, the passage began to widen.  Eventually, we reached a massive set of double doors.  Dwarven writing on the doors indicated that the three keys should be brought forward.  While we opened the small crate, Boaz sang the Dwarven song.  We removed a severed hand from the crate and pressed it against the doors.  Tobby pressed the dead Gazer from earlier against the doors

A loud crack rang out, and the doors slowly began to open…

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