W:DH Week 21 – Back into the sewers

Barnabus sent a message-bird – delivered to Jumanji’s head.  In it, he mentioned that he found a Dwarf to accompany us.  Boaz and Tobby departed to meet him.  While that happened, Shava and I made our way to the Yawning Portal.  There, we convinced Renaer to join us on our trip as well.  He was not thrilled at the idea, but reluctantly agreed that his presence may be vital

The Dwarf that Barnabus found for us is named Losser Mirlklav.  He was sitting in a cell awaiting sentencing, and he had no idea he was about to be asked to join us.  Barnabus vouched for the man and his expertise, so Boaz and Tobby pressed forward.  They talked to the warden, paid Losser’s bail, and promised to have the man back in five days.  Losser was happy to be out of his cell, but he would require some convincing before he agreed to accompany us

We all met back at our manor, where we received two deliveries.  We got one small crate, and one large crate.  We can only assume that there is a severed hand in one, and some form of a beholder in the other.  We left them unopened and continued our talks with Losser.  He explained how he knew the dragon that is reportedly guarding the vault.  At one point, he was at the vault’s location with the dragon but had escaped.  The final step of his escape was at the Bloody Fist.  Our plan will be to retrace his steps in reverse. 

We arrived at the Bloody Fist and met Renaer.  He was accompanied by Miloon Wardragon, for personal protection.  We made our way to the sewer grate outside the Bloody Fist and descended into the sewers below.  Transporting the unopened crates has been cumbersome.  We explored for some time, following Losser’s recollections, until we came to a room with several doors.  When we quietly opened one of the doors, the other sets of doors suddenly sprang open.  Creatures began pouring out of the doorways with murderous intent.

Tymora, protect us!

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